What's that Octobird Like?

Octobird is a Pro-Jockey, Discjuicer and Music Lover born and based in Berlin, Germany. Someone who’s not necessarily looking for yet unknown sounds in electronic music rather than putting already archived sounds of a long-forgotten future into a new context. Trying to blur your brain’s reception of connotation and curiosity.

Working with sound fragments from old vinyl recordings and films is certainly not a completely new approach, but Octobird archieved to develop his own language from this heritage of Hip Hop and House Music. Strongly modulated microsamples, a handful of drum computers and hardware synths, and jams as raw as possible glue his musical output together.

Octobird started making electronic Music in the early 2000’s, inspired by Psychedelic Classics, the adventurous sounds and rhythms delivered by Warp Records and the earthy sound palette  of Tom Waits.Over the years he made Music under several banners, like Loom, Kinskop and finally Octobird. He also co-founded the Various Vegetables Crew with a bunch of Friends and Musicians. Namely Eutechnik, Vertical67 and Vodor L. Zeck.

After several years of playing gigs in the so called Berlin Underground Scene, watching several crews, locations and promoters come and go, the mission of Various Vegetables was to bring the wonders of electronic variety back to the people. Far from narrow minded Club-Culture-Hypes and flighty Techno-Tourism they put on wildly diverse Line-Ups ranging from Noise to Breakcore to Cinematic Electronic Glitches. Always with one foot bobbing on the dancefloor, never quite too academic.

When the glory days passed and the paths crotched they still managed to bring their musical influences to the people in a monthly radio show on Futuremusic.FM.

And the journey goes on…