Bermuda Fest 2023: Hidden in th Triangle

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On the first weekend in June we will be celebrating the naming of the cultural Bermuda Triangle with a three-day festival here in Berlin/Friedrichshain. We will infect all your senses with jam sessions, art punks, acid breaks, creative workshops, theater performances, a marketplace and anything else your imagination can dictate.

We will have wonderful artists such as:
Vertical67DR. KONTRATXTXVodor L ZeckAxiomBriainKuriharaRaving Mad CarlosPuppenmuckeDaniel Matz – and…sure..also some Octobird

The exact location is hidden on the flyer. Just follow the “Merkelraute” (like you did for so many years 😉
Can you guess where it is?

The events are running:
Friday from        8 p.m. to 6 a.m
Saturday from   3 p.m. to 6 a.m
Sunday from      3 p.m. to 8 p.m

Free Entry, hope to see you all there!

Octobird @ Abseits

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Next weekend we’ll have some magic Bass & Breaks at our favourite space in space again.

Come around! It’s all free / donation based.

Alien Misfits & Octobird @ 8KW

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The weather gets a bit more forgiving so we can start another season at our wonderful little playground at 8KW.

This friday I will support the Alien Misfits collective with some DJ magic. I actually only know as much as there are gonna be songs and then we will see where the journey goes. But I’m pretty sure we will have a good time, because we always do 😉

Alien Misfits 2
March 31 // 19:00
at 8KW // Kietzer Weg 8, 10247 Berlin FHain
Free Entry // Cheap Drinks

Octobird Liveset @ Vetomat DIY Fundraiser

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At 18th of march you all are invited to our big big fundraising party at Bethaniendamm 26 10997 berlin!

We’re getting the first proper temperatures here in Berlin. A good chance to spend a day at the historic RAXXXHAUS. Starting at 4pm we will have food, screen printing, tatoos and a shitload of music.

There will be a whole bunch of Bands starting from 6pm and then DJ action from 1am.
I’m gonna provide the missing link between both worlds, playing an electronic Live Set around Midnight.

Everything for the good cause of keeping DIY spaces in FHain alive!

For more info come over to the Vetomat Website!

Zanderhythm Presents: Octobird & Vodor L Zeck

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Freitag der 13.01.2023 from 8pm @ 8KW , Kietzer Weg 8 (LichtenHain)

Zanderhythm presents “Acidcake Skating Through Your Brain” with Octobird und Vodor L Zeck

If you thought we present our new movie we have to dissapoint you. Its just Ocotbird and Vodor L Zeck playing muzik for you the whole night.

Vodor L Zeck kicks of his european tour in Berlin on Friday the 13th, cause there is no better date to start a tour into the unknown. Come together at 8KW and have a dance to some Acidish Braindancy IDMish Electro 4 to the floor breaks house music 🙂

Octobird Salad #15 | Eddy Breaks

Well…let’s have some pre new years breaks, shall we?! I actually recorded the set for this episode of Octobird Salad a few weeks back while preparing for a gig I just played for the wonderful people from Eddy Breaks. They’re running a regular party series with some good old Drum’n’Bass vibes, ranging from the classic uptempo thing to Jungle styles and Dub stuff. This was quite a nice challenge, as I haven’t been playing these kind of tunes for quite some times but rather been swaying underneath 140bpm. But with the ongoing release trend of mixing house tunes with breaks I already had some tunes on my harddisk waiting to be played.

One thing said before you push that red button: if you rather prefer to listen to the original set I played at Eddy Breaks – The Darkest Days, you have the option to do so at:

There are a whole lot Sets from this and recent events, I highly recomment. It’s just a bit tricky to embed stuff from here, which is why I decided to tease this as a new Octobird Salad Episode.

Octobird at Cosmo Royal

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Die weitherzige Kill Royal Weinbar feiert Kombigeburtstag mit Freunden von Freund*innen im fabelhaften Interkosmos.
Kurzum: Saftige Weinreben, gelassenes Barbeben und erfrischender Kulturteil verpackt in cosmisch, königlichen Tanz- und Schranz Lustbarkeiten. Beste Lage und vielseitiges musikalisches Bouquet. Cosmo würde sagen: The Bus is out of Control!

9. April 2022

Fanninger Str. 47
10369 Berlin

DJ Octobird @ BiD Soliparty

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‘BRUNO ist Dagegen’ präsentiert:

Nach der wohlverdienten aber doch etwas langen Pause nach der Gala im Oktober, sind eure Brunos endlich wieder am Start und präsentieren euch wieder wunderbare Live-Acts und DJ’s! Dieses mal möchten wir Spenden sammeln für das großartige Vetomat in Friedrichshain und diesen wunderbaren Raum unterstützen!

20.12.19 at TrXXXtr

Facebot Lnk


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The first round was fun, the second round will be serious fun. Yet again members from Widescope, Various Vegetables, Experimental Dimension & Zanderhythm sat together to prepare another minbending experience.

We start about 8pm with Music and Food. The early bird flies ungestört!




If you want to know more about our very secret location send us an EMail to !!!


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