Radio of the P.A.N. is going On Air Tonight!

Fellow Earthlings,

Tonight at sidereal time 24.303.00:00 we will finally make contact with the planetary spirit of artistic recycling!

For this purpose we are opening a radio station with the functional name P.A.N. [Planetary Autonomous Network].
In addition, we will gather in our home probe “Bermuda” for the launch of the interstellar transmitter to initiate the first contact together.

Presence is essential.



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Wednesday 17. January 2024
20:00 (CEST / UTC+2)

#26 features:

Line up:
– Live Music by Octobird
– Live play and interactions with Octobird
– Live Animation Theater by SHOXXX
– Virtual DIY workshop by Johannes Marx


Octobird at “Thursday Breakdown”

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Thanks to TXTX for hosting and inviting for this months Thursday Breakdown.

Both of us gonna provide you with some propper Live Sets!


Rigaer Str. 103
10247 Berlin

20.00h – 02.00h
Donation for entry

New Album “Findlinge” out on Zanderhythm

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Findlinge is my first Album in ages and somehow the first one under the alias Octobird. It’s been quite a while now since I’ve started to keep a lot of my creations hidden in a little box while trying to connect them in all kind of combinations every once in a while. For this one I asked my good friend Max from Zanderhythm to help me with the puzzle and so he came up with this wonderful combination of tunes to take us on a journey.

Findlinge is a colorful psychedelic ride trough textures and rhythms. A dream within a dream within a dream, where you are still able to collect little gems and take them from one world into the other.

Like most of my music these tunes are very much based on different sampling techniques. Digging my vinyl collection for sounds between sounds and carving out hidden memories in dusty record grooves to reconnect them into emotional context.

So why not start collect your gem at

Special thanks go to Salih Topuz for the great Mastering and Polina Ugarova for the amazing Artwork.

Back 2 Zeck

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Let them simple concepts rule!

8kw resident Octobird and Zanderhythm mastermind Vodor L Zeck are back with another back2back brainmelting intelectual dance experience.

Somewhere between live set and disc jockey magic they blur the lines between acid, braindance, jungle, cheap disco, speedambient, chipjazz & post-gabba!


Octobird @ Tipsy Shuffled Arts

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Die Luft ist flüchtig – durchschneiden wir sie mit den Schwingen der Kunst – halten inne & die Luft an – und genießen gemeinsam einen angenehm chaotischen Querschnitt durch die Berliner Subkultur.

Unberechenbare Winde haben dafür gesorgt, dass unser Lieblingsfestival in diesem Jahr eine Pause macht. So hat es uns an einen wonnereich gepflasterten Stadtstrand, im Kiez zwischen Ostkreuz und der Frankfurter Allee, gespült… Am 4. und 5. August soll von dort aus vielfältiger Sound ertönen, zum Kopfkratzen und Ausrasten, während wir uns am Labsal der edlen Weinbeere berauschen, unter tanzenden Schatten ausruhen und letztlich begeistert – oder entgeistert – die Sonne unter dem Pflaster suchend, frei wandeln.

Wir laden euch herzlich dazu ein, unerschrocken auch im Tanz mit den Hyaden – uns diese Welt einzubilden.. stellt euch das mal vor! Jetzt, am Wochenende!

Bis dahin, herzlichst – eure Kill Royal Weinbar

Octobird and Vodor L Zeck on another “Tram Komputer” Journey

And yet again, me and my best mate Zeck sat down together to dig trough our archive of 8-Track Jams…
“This time Octobird went through the sessions that follow a more downtempo approach. Eleven chilled acid jams take you on a tram ride from Berlin-Marzahn to Flyarkivka.”
Al tracks recorded by Tram Komputer in FZ16-112.
Mixed by Octobird.
Mastered by Octobird.
Artwork by M8.

Octobird live Soundtrack for “Stop Hekatombe”

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Wir laden euch herzlich zu unserem neuen Theaterstück ein!
Die Verlängerung der Autobahn, A100 bedroht das gesamte Bermudaviertel. Schon bald sollen wir alle verschwinden. Das 8KW, unsere Produktionstätte liegt auf der Schneise zukünftiger Zerstörung. Dieses Stück ist eine Kampfansage an die nostalgischen Pläne einer ergrauten, skrupellosen Stadtentwicklungspolitik. Es ist Zeit das opfern der Kultur zu stoppen!

AAAA100 – Stop Hekatombe!
8.7.23 Einlass 21:15
Kietzer Weg 8(8kw)

Wir freuen uns auf euren Besuch und eure Unterstützung!

I’ve spent the last few weeks more or less day and night putting together a soundtrack for this piece, which I’m going to perform live. I don’t want to give away too much, but the whole thing is pretty ambitious…in a fun way.

So put on your swimming trunks and come along!
But if you still can’t get off the sofa…we also stream live!
Keep an eye on

Bermuda Fest 2023: Hidden in th Triangle

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On the first weekend in June we will be celebrating the naming of the cultural Bermuda Triangle with a three-day festival here in Berlin/Friedrichshain. We will infect all your senses with jam sessions, art punks, acid breaks, creative workshops, theater performances, a marketplace and anything else your imagination can dictate.

We will have wonderful artists such as:
Vertical67DR. KONTRATXTXVodor L ZeckAxiomBriainKuriharaRaving Mad CarlosPuppenmuckeDaniel Matz – and…sure..also some Octobird

The exact location is hidden on the flyer. Just follow the “Merkelraute” (like you did for so many years 😉
Can you guess where it is?

The events are running:
Friday from        8 p.m. to 6 a.m
Saturday from   3 p.m. to 6 a.m
Sunday from      3 p.m. to 8 p.m

Free Entry, hope to see you all there!

Octobird @ Abseits

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Next weekend we’ll have some magic Bass & Breaks at our favourite space in space again.

Come around! It’s all free / donation based.


That's the bottom of the sky.