The Ultimate Magic Way to get your Reaktor Stuff running on Native Instruments Maschine+

Ever since the release of Native Instruments Maschine+ as a standalone version of their long time software based successor Maschine, it got quite some bad reviews of people comparing a bit too much to the powerful possibilities they have on their high spec laptops. But personally I think it’s much more adequate to compare it to what’s there on the standalone sampler/groovebox market, most of all the legacy of Akai MPCs. And that’s still a very tough choice to make but I guess one you already took, right? 

So for Maschine+ as a standalone unit, one of the most underestimated but incredible features is the possibility to build your own instruments, effects and tools (with NI’s Reaktor) and load them into your unit. Some reviewers saw this potential early on but it got a little swept under the carpet, because while the unit came with some classic Reaktor Ensembles embedded into the main library it wasn’t… and still isn’t an easy, straight forward process to get our own selection of Reaktor Ensembles into the Maschine. In early fimrware versions it also wasn’t very stable and on my Maschine, Reaktor instances always stopped producing sound after a certain amount of time. Since these issues got fixed after a while, the documentation on how to convert your Reaktor stuff for Maschine+ didn’t.

Let’s change that, shall we?!

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